Fisher/Shafer NONMEM Workshop
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Laptop Computer Requirements

Windows: We support Windows XP (except for XP Home Basic), Vista, and Windows 7, including 32 and 64 bit operating systems. We do not support Windows 2000, or any of the versions of Windows built on DOS (Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME).

Macintosh: You may use a Macintosh for the course. However, we recommend the following steps prior to the course:
  1. If you are running Windows via either Parallels or VMWare, the Windows requirements above apply.
  2. If you wish to run from OS X, we need to confirm a successful NONMEM installation BEFORE starting the course. Please contact Dennis Fisher to confirm that your Macintosh is correctly configured several weeks prior to the course.

Linux: We do not support Linux for the course.

Processor Speed: Slow computers (generally, any single-core machine older than 5 years) limit the user's ability to run NONMEM efficiently during the course. We recommend that you bring a computer with sufficient memory and processor speed to maximize your experience during the course.

NONMEM Installation: During the course, we install a temporary version of NONMEM. If your laptop does not presently have NONMEM installed and you wish to have a permanent installation (including Fortran, R, and PLT Tools), we can do so Monday or Tuesday evening of the course. There is a fee of $250 (US dollars), which must be paid before the course. Please contact Dennis Fisher to arrange this option.

Computer Rental: If you do not have a laptop with enough horsepower to support NONMEM, or your corporate IT department has imposed severe limitations on installing software, you can rent a fully configured laptop for the course. This will be a Fujitsu T4220 or equivalent laptop. The cost of the rental is $200. You can use the rented laptop either in lieu of, or alongside, your own laptop computer.

Computer Purchase: If you do not have a laptop sufficient to support NONMEM, we can purchase a computer and install the necessary software. The fee is the cost of the computer plus $250 (US dollars). We can recommend several different configurations. You will order the computer and arrange for shipping to an address in the United States. The computer will be delivered to you at the course with Fortran, NONMEM, R, Open Office, and PLT Tools installed. You must provide evidence that you have a license to install NONMEM on the computer. NONMEM licenses can be obtained from ICON Development Solutions (formerly Globomax Corporation).